da-ta n. Facts from which conclusions may be drawn. Raw information.
syn-the-sis n. The assembling of separate parts into a new form.

        Est. 1996

Database design and development
  • Specialising in Microsoft Access, SQL Server and ASP. NET
  • Providing cost effective, customised solutions that will improve your business.
  • Small to medium sized projects.
  • Specialist health system add-ons for enterprise wide patient management systems.
  • Based in Auckland, New Zealand.


We will be recognised as a leading developer in the delivery of innovative and exciting ASP.NET, Access and SQL Server database solutions for our customers. We will be a valued part of their I.T. strategy and deliver personalised professional service.


We will create value for our clients by the experience we provide in delivering fresh and creative ideas to deliver excellent systems that exceed their expectations and are delivered on time.

The values that underpin our Brand are:

Customer responsiveness:  by understanding and exceeding our customerís requirements for quality and service.

Professionalism and reliability:  having the skills and experience to perform the promised service with trust and confidence.

Creativity and imagination: interpreting our customerís vision to create systems that work and are easy to use.

 Accountability and teamwork: working strategically with our customers to achieve success in working through each project.


Software bill of rights

The key to success in developing software is open and honest communication. To that end, the following tenets should be applied by both parties:

A customer needs the developer to:

  • Learn the business objectives (why the customer needs the software in the first place).

  • Always be willing to learn the customer's language, and avoid "geek speak" in discussions.

  • Be ready to provide alternatives, should new requirements alter the project plan.

  • Provide good faith estimates when needed.

 A developer needs the customer to: 

  • Be available to answer the developer's questions or make decisions

  • Review the materials (e-mails, documents, etc) presented to them.

  • Communicate changes in features or priorities in a timely manner

  • Respect the methodology of the developer


Craig Evans, Auckland, New Zealand


+ 64 9 630 4142    Mobile + 64 27 2768 447