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MedDocs has been developed to manage documents dictated by hospital physicians and sent to GP's. It lets typists create letters based on a range of templates for the Service the letter relates to. MedDocs populates Word templates with patient demographics, GP name and address, typists initials and clinic date. It has been developed and implemented at South Auckland Health, Auckland, New Zealand since 1998.

Letters are initially unapproved until returned from the dictating physician. Typists can deleted unapproved documents and can retrieve a deleted document back into their unapproved queue for up to a number of weeks (as determined by the MedDocs administrator).

Typists normally work with their own queue of unapproved documents but can work with documents created by another typist if needed (this copes with typist on sick leave or leaving the organisation).

MedDocs is based on users and groups - a typist can belong to one or more groups, and each group can have a separate range of templates. 

Secure groups: Special secure groups can also be set up. MedDocs will tell the user that a secure document exists for a patient. If the user is not a member of the secure group, they are unable to view the document.

Checking out/in: Existing unapproved documents can be e-mailed to authors for amending, then later checked back into MedDocs.

MedDocs will also allow other documents to be imported into the system. This was developed for off-site typists and for documents not created with the MedDocs templates. The new documents are saved to a pre-defined network directory which MedDocs has been set up to identify. The user then associates each new document with an NHI number, Service and document type.

Web front-end for viewing documents: Hospital physicians can search and view documents via a corporate intranet. At SAH, MedDocs has been modified by Orion Systems Ltd to work with a separate intranet system, Concerto. This gives clinicians a patient centric view of the patient, with MedDocs providing part of the clinical record.

Reports: A variety of management reports are available. These quantify the volume of work done and in progress, together with splitting the numbers out by Service and document type. As well as showing typist workloads, they provide hard facts on the volume of work done: a valuable tool to prove that more typing resources are needed.

A proven system: MedDocs has proven to be a very cost effective system that has saved typists approximately 30% of their time.

MedDocs is now owned by  Orion Systems Ltd  - please contact them directly for more information.

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