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PHN database

Public Health Nurses database


A successful system. 3

Benefits 4

Some statistics at CMDHB_ 4

Technical details 4

Screen Shots 4

Main menu: 4

Search screen_ 5

Main screen for a Child_ 6

Referral Screen_ 8

Discharge_ 9

Follow Up_ 10

Ear Clinc 11

Enuresis 12

Eye Specialist Exam_ 13

Form 1 Immunisation_ 14

Hearing Defect Schedule_ 15

New Entrant Health Checklist 16

New Entrant Immunisation Checklist 17

Photoscreen test 18

Pre School Ear test 19

Pre school Vision Test 20

School Health_ 21

Sore Throat Clinic 22

Vision Test 23

Report screens 24

Report listing_ 27

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PHN database

A successful system.

The PHN database was developed and put into production at CMDHB in late 1999.

It links to an Oracle patient administration system (PiMS) to read child demographics. Children must be registered in PiMS (i.e. have a valid NHI number) before they can be entered into the PHN database.

It is based on entering data about different events:

·         Ear Clinic

·         Enuresis Program

·         Eye Specialist Exam

·         Form 1 Immunisation

·         Hearing Defect Schedule

·         MMR Catch up

·         New Entrant Health Checklist

·         New Entrant Immunisation Checklist

·         Photoscreen test

·         Pre School Ear test

·         Pre school Vision Test

·         School Health

·         Sore Throat Clinic

·         Vision Test

For all events, there are screens for entering Referral, Discharge and Follow-up information.

There is also a screen for entering Opportunistic Referrals.

The system has some 60 different reports including statistical reports and individual child/event reports. Most reports can be printed for any date range.


·         Reduce costs associated with hand-writing, faxing and couriering documents

·         Reduce time spent collating statistical data into meaningful reports

·         Improve service by allowing PHN’s to quickly review child event data and history information.

·         Provide a single central repository to collate all PHN data.

·         Easy to use


Some statistics at CMDHB

Number of offices


Number of users


Number of children entered


Number of events entered


Number of follow ups entered



Technical details          


SQL Server





Screen Shots

Main menu:


Search screen:

Main screen for a Child:


Event history:


Referral Screen


Follow Up

Ear Clinc



Eye Specialist Exam

Form 1 Immunisation

Hearing Defect Schedule

New Entrant Health Checklist

New Entrant Immunisation Checklist

Photoscreen test

Pre School Ear test

Pre school Vision Test

School Health

Sore Throat Clinic

Vision Test

Report screens

Report listing


Statistical / management reports

Additional concerns Summary

Child list by Venue - detailed < 5 yrs old

Child list by Venue - summary < 5 yrs old

Children currently monitored

Children immunised

Combinations - Ratings, LoI

Contacts (Max, min, avg)

Contacts made

Currently monitored - split by Decile

Decile 1 - currently monitored, by ethnicity

Decile 1 - Discharge reason

Detail - No of tests

Discharges by discharge reason

Ear clinic statistics

Early Childhood Centres

Exceptions - HearingTest with FollowUp >3 Weeks

Exceptions - VisionTest with FollowUp >3 Weeks

Eye specialist exam results

Follow Up summary

Form 1 immunisations - GP's

GP report

MMR 2001 Catch-up

New clients by Ethnic group

New Clients By Ethnicity

New clients by ethnicity

New clients by Referral source

No activity for > 3 months

No response

Photoscreen Test - Actions

Photoscreen Test - Film Quality

Photoscreen Test - Results

Pre school Discharges

Pre school New Events by Referral source

Reached 5 years old

Referral Summary - by gender, ethnicity

RH Fever statistics - by Office

RH Fever statistics - by School

RH Fever statistics - by Service

School Health - by Rf Study

School Health - by School


Statistics report by Office

Statistics report by School

Statistics report by Service

Stats. By Venue Type

STC meds after 9 days

Summary - by gender, ethnicity

Summary - No of tests

Tested summary

Child level reports

Eye specialist exam summary


Event level reports

201 Referral

206 Vision Referral

207 Hearing Referral

Enuresis - Discharge letter to Referrer EP001a

Enuresis - Feedback letter to Referrer EP003a

Enuresis - Letter to Caregiver EP003

Follow up

Non Acceptance

Pre school Ear Clinic detail report










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