Patient Survey database

This database is available for download as part of a package of files including system and user manuals, sample population files and other information.

It is distributed royalty free and comes 'as is'. If you would like to implement the system a please send me an email. It is only really of use to public hospitals in New Zealand. Support and services can be provided separately.

The original application was developed at South Auckland Health who have made this available at no charge in the interests of promoting an even playing field for patient satisfaction surveys. These surveys are required by legislation and guidelines from CCMAU are available as part of the download package. 

The application allow third party consultants to assist by collating responses and analysing reports. Patient confidentiality is protected at all times - a third party consultant is unable to link a respondent with an actual patient. For more information I can refer you to Gerald Zwier, the leading expert in this area in New Zealand. 

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