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Healthcare Systems
Patient management system add-ons
MedDocs - document management system
A patient satisfaction survey database
Public Health Nurse database
Student Assessment Tool - AIMHI
A Practice Management database
Meals on Wheels database
Renal Services database
Home IV database
Bronchoscopy reporting database
Thrombosis database
Accident Insurance database
Web site for a medical specialist
Financial Systems
A data warehouse for financial analysis
A loans processing system
A chart of accounts database
An invoice entry system
A fund accounting database
A payroll reporting and staff appraisal database
Engineering Systems
A manufacturing process repository
Other Systems
Project and Contract Administration database
Mussel production and inventory database
Forestry production database
An online Survey system
A timesheet reporting system
A staff whiteboard system
A voting system 
A fund raising database
An administration system
A software bug tracking database
Employee/Client satisfaction survey system
A project management database
A human resources database

Healthcare Systems

This is an innovative values based decision making risk management system. It a web based system to help people who manage teams of people.

The manager sets a proposal (e.g. 'therapy will be continued') for a Case (e.g. patient Bloggs, Mental Health). Participants (doctors, nurses, mangers) are invited to respond to a set of questions. Alerts are triggered to indicate lack of consensus, and there are a range of online reports.

Based on SQL server, dot Net, Flash, and Crystal reports. For more information see the VIDe website. Top of page


Managing many thousands of documents has been simplified by using a system that creates new documents and opens existing ones. Documents go through an approval process, and attributes about each document (such as document type, service, time between creation and approval) are stored for analysis.

Demographic information from an Oracle database is used to populate newly created documents, saving time and improving accuracy. Documents can also be exported and imported.

The documents can be read by many users via a separate intranet system. The system uses Microsoft Word 2000 templates, Access 97, VBA, and SQL Server 7.0 (47 users; 8,000 documents per month, plus 100's viewing documents via web browser). More information... Top of page

A patient satisfaction survey database

Developed for a major health care provider, the system extracts populations of patient demographics from an Oracle system. The system assigns random numbers to the surveyed population to ensure patient anonymity. Population samples can be generated with optional filters on Service. Subsequent surveys can be sent to a specified number of people, and can be optionally filtered by age, gender and ethnic group.

Responses, follow-up reminders, thank-you letters and a variety of reports are produced. (Access 97, 3 users)

New Zealand hospitals are required by statute to send patient satisfaction surveys and a generic version is available for download. Top of page

Public Health Nurse database

This system has been designed for a Public Health nursing service. It tracks a large amount of information about children and the clinics and contacts made with the service. These includes ear clinics, vision tests, sore throat clinics, enuresis programmes, immunisations, health checklists and contacts made at schools and at home.

The database has been designed to capture data by date-driven events, and to record follow-up, referral and discharge information. It hooks into an Oracle patient administration system to read demographics. It has saved time and mountains of paperwork.

Management reports are used to obtain funding for the service and to provide other essential information quickly and accurately. (Access 97 and SQL Server 7.0; 60 users). More information... Top of page

A Student Assessment Tool - AIMHI

Used by School Nurses to record assessments about at-risk students. Features a flexible questionnaire for setting up questions with Reponses that can be free text, yes/no, numerical. Referrals and Follow-up's can be entered against any question.

It also tracks Action Plans, Risks and Case Notes. Reports can be exported to Excel. (Access 97/2000/XP; 9 schools). Screen shots: Main menu, Assessment, Responses, Referral summary, Follow-up, Case notes, Reports, Ad-hoc query.

See the AIMHI websiteTop of page

A Practice Management database

For small practices, the database tracks patients, GP's, Events, Invoices and Receipts. Any number of Word templates can be added by the user to print reminders, invoices, receipts, GP letters, etc. 

Screen shots: Patient screenevents, event detail, documents created, template administration. Access 97/2000Top of page

Meals on Wheels database

This system lets the administrator of a Meals On Wheels service to maintain client details including delivery instructions, special diets, delivery teams and distribution points, and the physical delivery order for each team.

In addition to delivery lists, the system prints labels for special diets and allows clients to be placed on hold. (Access 97). Screen shot.Top of page

Renal Services System

Developed for the Renal Service of a large hospital, this system links to patient demographics held in a Patient Administration system. The database provides the means to capture much information about renal patients. It records detailed modality information and tracks daily / monthly activity.

A variety of essential monthly statistics can easily be printed. Users can query the database using various criteria, and produce spreadsheets for further ad hoc analysis. (Access 97, 12 users) Top of page

Home IV database

This database tracks a variety of information about patients who undergo IV therapy at home. A diary tracks contacts made and readmissions. Statistical reports summarise the Services that patients are referred from together with reports about infection type and treatment. It hooks into a patient administration system for patient demographics. (Access 97). Screen Shot Top of page

Bronchoscopy reporting database

Developed to record detailed information about bronchoscopy procedures. It produces a detailed report which is signed off by the specialist performing the procedure. It hooks into a patient administration system for patient demographics. (Access 97). Screen shots: Procedure screen, ReportTop of page

Thrombosis database

This system records a range of information about patients with deep vein thrombosis. In addition to recording contacts, treatment, complications etc, a daily report can be printed and signed off. Summarised reports quantify bed days saved. It hooks into a patient administration system for patient demographics. (Access 97). Screen Shot Top of page

Accident Insurance database

This has been developed for a hospital to create invoices for payment by health insurers. Feeds of patient care information (assessments and surgical claims) are regularly extracted from views of an Oracle patient administration system. Additional information is entered which provides the requirements for generating invoices.

The system creates files for uploading into an Oracle Financials system. The Oracle system then returns files for uploading invoice numbers into the database. Credit note numbers are entered against rejected invoices.

The system maintains insurer details including branches, procedures and prices and consultant codes. It also imports data from a physiotherapy system (Houston) and creates invoice files. A variety of detailed and summary reports are available (Access 97) Top of page

bullet Web site for a medical specialist

This was created for a renal specialist and includes a on-line medical calculator:

Financial Systems

A data warehouse for financial analysis.

This involved creating a data design in DB2 to let users create ad hoc reports. A star schema lets users report on actual and budgeted amounts (facts) by dimensions such as Account, Time and Location.

An Access 2000 application uses treeview controls to display dimensions graphically, and to let users define criteria and filters. Reports can be run and exported to Excel for further analysis.

Access 2000, IBM DB2 Top of page


A loans processing system.

A tracking system was developed for a bank to manage the process of giving loans to new and existing customers. It generates complex mail merge documents and provides a large number of reports which give essential management information. (Access 2 then converted to Access 97 and SQL Server 6.5, 20 users)Top of page


A chart of accounts database.

By converting an existing spreadsheet based system to an Access database, the organization is now able to manage the Chart of Accounts from one central location. Many other applications now hook into the database, and reporting is much more standardised and meaningful. (Access 97, 8 users)Top of page


An invoice entry system.

Manually entering invoices into a general ledger system was time consuming and prone to error. An application was developed to import 3rd party invoices electronically, to provide a mechanism to validate invoices, then produce a file for uploading into the general ledger. Manual invoices can be quickly entered too. A variety of reports are produced. (Access 2, converted to Access 97, 15 users) Top of page


A fund accounting database.

This database was designed to manage different funds and to record transactions entered. It provides a mechanism to allocate month-end balances automatically, and provides various reports. A previous spreadsheet based system was unwieldy and error prone. (Access 2, converted to Access 97, 2 users) Top of page


A payroll reporting and staff appraisal database.

An existing legacy payroll system could not produce new meaningful reports, nor manage a staff appraisal process without incurring considerable cost. An application was developed to receive regular downloads into a SQL Server database. Management can now receive meaningful reports and manage the staff appraisal process. (Access 97and SQL Server 7.0, 120 users)

A separate interface has been developed to link and extract Oracle Payroll data with an Informix General Ledger. (Access 97) Top of page

Engineering Systems


This database has been designed to manage large scale construction projects. It allows users to 'build' spaces for a project and department. Each space has a standard set of activities, equipment and functions derived from a model set of data. From this, each new space can be modified then replicated to other projects.

It allows the user to define a room based on a model, assign activities and equipment then replicate the newly created room to other rooms in the current project, or to other projects. A variety of reports show what is required for the project including a budgeted cost for new equipment. It has been proven to save project managers enormous amounts of time .

It is part of solution provided by Healthcare Planning Associates who provide additional support and will update your model data with accurate current information. For more information please contact Terry Coombs  or view online. SQL Server 2000, ASP, Access 97 application for power users.Top of page

A manufacturing process repository

A very successful engineering company manufactures patented products from components and raw materials. A database has been developed as a repository for all information relating to the manufacturing process. It has been designed so staff can find information from multiple entry points, then drill down to find particular pieces of information. 

The engineering company has turnkey factories worldwide and the repository will be an integral part of each operation. Access 2000.Top of page

Other Systems

Project and Contract Administration database

Developed for a Project Management company to record information about Projects, Budgets and Contracts together with Change Requests and Issues. Outputs include Instructions, Payment Certificates and flexible reports. It features an easy to navigate tree-view display of the main data entities.

Using Terminal Server and Citrix allows remote offices to update the one centralised database whilst using an Access 2000 front-end. The system also links to a Lotus Notes system to read Contact data using SQL Server Data Transformation Services.

Screen shots: Main menu, Contract , Instruction summary, Instruction, Change RequestPayment Certificate, Reports. (SQL Server 2000, Access 2000, Terminal Server and Citrix). Top of page

A mussel production and inventory database

This system tracks all costs with a mussel production business and calculates yields. It prints buyer created invoices, batch costing and levy reports. Users maintain packaging assemblies to accurately track packaging, and to allocate costs.

It also manages purchase and sales contracts, and keeps a history of inventory levels and current stock. (Access 2000). Top of page

A forestry harvest database

Developed for a small forestry company, users input data about daily production such as volumes logged,  labour usage and delays. Machine inspections are recorded, as are incidents.

A range of detailed management reports can be printed or dumped to Excel. (Access 97). Top of page

An online survey system

Designed for intranet use in large organisations, survey owners set up surveys containing sections and questions. Questions can be free-text, yes/no, option groups and Likert scale. Surveys can be modified over time, and have an expiry date. Results can be exported to Excel for use in templates for presenting graphs, trends etc.

Participants enter surveys using a web front-end. (ASP, Access97). Top of page

A timesheet reporting system

Used by the Human Resources department of a large organisation to track time spent on activities and services. Easy data entry and flexible reporting. Used all day every day by 6 users. Screen shot, reports. Access 97/2000.Top of page

A staff whiteboard system

This system uses a graphical display to show which staff members are in the office or out due to sickness, annual leave, at a conference and so on. Recurring leave can be scheduled.

This has been designed for an Information Services department of a large organisation. It tracks information about applications and their support staff. At a glance, helpdesk operators can see which staff support an application, and if they are currently onsite.

A web front-end lets users browse for staff and application details. It shows whether people are currently out of the office.

Reports let management see breakdowns of time spent offsite by team. (ASP, Access 97). Screen shot Top of page

A Voting system

Designed to cut time spent in meetings trying to allocate budgets to different projects. A 'Poll maker' sets up a Poll and the items to be voted on. Each Poll is valid for a certain period, can be re-polled and has parameters for the minimum number of items to be ranked.. 

Voters (typically managers of business units) rank each item in a Poll. It's a democratic way to allocate money and puts each voter in context of other projects that need funding.

Voters can only vote once on a Poll when open. Poll makers can print progress reports at any stage.

The system uses a SQL Server database, an Access 97 front-end for Poll makers and Active Server Pages to send HTML to a web front-end for Voters.

When a Poll maker opens a new or existing Poll, an e-mail message is sent automatically to all voters in the group. The e-mail message has an encrypted hyperlink to an intranet active server page that logs the voter onto the database. Once in, voters can 'see' all open Polls that they can vote on. Previous open Poll that have been voted on are disabled. Votes are validated before being accepted by the database. (ASP, SQL Server) Top of page

A fund raising database

Information about prospective contacts and donors are stored, and contacts can be linked to each other. Mailing house lists can be imported.

Campaigns can be created using a variety of criteria, and mail merge files created. The system stores histories of campaigns against each donor.

A vital part of the system is to records transactions against campaigns and donors. Management can quantify how effective each campaign is. (Access 97) 

Screen shots: Main menu, Donor screen , TransactionCreate Campaign Top of page

An administration system

Developed for a manufacturer, this database lets the business track:

  • Parties
  • Contracts
  • Assets
  • Files

It has become a vital means to stop valuable information walking out the door when key personnel leave. Information about Parties include key suppliers and personnel. Contracts can be linked to each. The application will open and save files in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. (Access 2000, 4 users)

Screen shots: Main menu, Organisation chart, Search parties, Party maintenance, Files for a party. Top of page

A software bug tracking database

Used for tracking and reporting bugs in a large client/server system. Standard bug reports can be e-mailed directly to respondents. An ad hoc query engine lets users create their own reports and export the results to Excel. Standard reports include alerts for overdue responses. (Access 97, 6 users)Top of page

An Employee / Client satisfaction survey database

One of the main features of this system is its flexibility. Users can create questions and the type of response for each question, for example, Yes/No, Good/Average/Poor responses. Questions can also be set up for verbatim responses. The system then becomes a repository for survey results.

Data entry is very fast and summarised cross tabulated reports can easily be exported to Excel for further analysis and graphing. (Access 97)Top of page

A project management system.

This system has been implemented to centralise potential projects and to record expected revenues. Revenue budgets are maintained. Regular reports against forecasted revenues are produced. Users can run their own ad hoc queries using a query interface, and generate spreadsheets for further analysis. (Access 97, 12 users) Top of page

A human resources system.

This system allows users to manage new job positions, applicants, appointees, and individual job contracts. It generates various mail merge documents and management reports. (Access 97 and SQL Server 7.0, 8 users).Top of page


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