The Access web Probably the best web source of developer information about Access
Tony's Main Access page Plenty of links and advice
Roger Carlson's site Great source of sample code
Helen Feddema's Home Page For office integration samples
ASP.NET Huge resource
GotDotNet Large .net community
LearnVisualStudio Has excellent learning videos
MSDN MSDN site from Microsoft web Microsoft's office ASP. net site
SQL Server  
Swynk Hosts some excellent discussion lists
Microsoft SQL Server Home Page Plenty of good reference material
SQL Server Central Another great resource
SQL Team Huge content for developers
Data modeling  
The Journal of Conceptual Modeling Data modeling and design
TDAN The data administrator newsletter
DAMA Data Management Association 
Other favourites  
Arts & Letters Daily Plenty of reading material
The Nine Planets Excellent source of information about the solar system
Atlas of the universe Get an idea of how big the universe is
Dilbert Zone Compulsory cartoon of the day
The Onion  Has some great dark humour
Rugby Heaven Got to keep up to date with the All Blacks & Super 12
CricInfo Live cricket matches
BBC news News from a UK perspective
CNN News from a US perspective
SciTech Daily Review Great science portal
Fazzle! Alternative to Google. Check out the headline news section.
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